Artists For Free Palestine

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Two Color Screenprint on Mohawk Paper
12 x 18 inches

I stand against genocide, colonization, and war crimes, and therefore I stand for a Free Palestine! I created this print on October 24, 2023. At that point, about 1.4 million Gazans — or more than half of the territory's population — had been displaced. Israel's unrelenting bombardment over 18 days had killed at least 5,800 people, with more than 2000 being children. The U.N. had reported that at least 42% of Gaza's housing units had been damaged or destroyed. No running water, no food, no fuel, no humanitarian aid allowed.

I felt it was critical as an artist to use my voice, my art and my sphere of influence to call out the genocide being inflicted against the Palestians. This was my first poster of many that would be used to fundraise to donate to NGO’s in Palestine and to solidarity organizations.

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