Eliminate the Binary and Embrace Complexity

Monotype Collage on Handmade Korean Hanji Paper
49 x 36.5 inches

There are many binaries which attempt to dictate how we should behave, or what activities are permissible, or where we should “belong.” The binary of male and female; the binary of virgin and whore; the binary of Black and White; the binary of single or married - all of these binaries erase complexity and the many dimensions of the human experience. Binaries are socially constructed in order to limit our freedom and our form of expression. I say, “Down with all binaries!”

This oversize collage was assembled from shapes and figures that were cut from my monotype color sheets. Many of my prints in 2015, including this one, were inspired by Henri Matisse’s cut outs. Upon stumbling into an exhibit of his work in New York, I was deeply moved by his approach to creating color sheets and cutting them into unique compositions.