Green Triangle

Collage with Linoleum Block and Screenprint Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
15 x 11.25 inches

This word collage is part of a new limited edition collage series where I merge text and elements from my 2023 "Tribute to Matisse" collection, celebrating his profound influence on my work. In this abstract collection, I weave words that I was using in vocabulary throughout 2023, creating collages that reflect my ongoing journey of forgiveness, deep care for loved ones, and intentional focus on putting t my energy towards the people and the experiences towards which I feel an enthusiastic YES towards.

These word collages are an exciting marriage of my two fundamental practices: using text to communicate social and political themes, and utilizing colorful shapes to convey mood and emotion. Each shape is meaningful because it represents the different species that I care for in my home, such as plants or flowers.

Through my art, I authentically reflect my life experiences and consciousness. My works become a tangible representation of my thoughts, transforming ideas into objects to engage with and projecting them outward to resonate with others.

This collection embodies my ongoing exploration of self, a visual narrative of healing, and a celebration of the beauty that surrounds and inspires me every day.

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