A Kitchen Still Life I

Collage with Linoleum Block, Photo Transfer Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
15 x 11.25 inches

This print, Kitchen Still Life, is a small collage that celebrates my love for cooking and the joy that is alive in my kitchen. I love to cook and prepare plant based meals for my loved ones using ingredients that Earth Mother gifts to us humans.

Food is a pathway for healing. Particular ingredients awaken parts of our bodies that allow us to remember and heal. I like to think of myself as a messenger for those food elements that I combine to create intense mouth pleasure!

My love language is preparing amazing plant-based dishes. I love tasting food and then using my taste buds to identify the elements in a dish, so that I can later replicate it with my own approach.

In 2021, I began experimenting with creating collages about food that featured individually printed food elements and receptacles. The production process for my large-sized early food series was incredibly meticulous. After getting comfortable with these large still lifes, I transitioned to smaller formats such as this one in 2022.

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