Students and Teachers Deserves Safety

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Two Color Screen print on French Paper
18 x 12 inches

I created this poster in early 2022 as a new highly contagious Covid BA.2 omicron variant made its way to the United States.

I found it critical to understand the impacts that COVID had on our public education system, impacting children and youth. Our public education system was heavily neglected during the pandemic which reveals the reality that our country’s leaders care more about wars and profits than they do about the next generation.

Our education system largely failed kids, especially BIPOC kids - from lack of protective gear for students and teachers, to inadequate ventilation and infrastructure in classrooms, to overworking teachers, to not properly supporting the mental health needs of kids. These systemic failures are also due to the fact that capitalism does a terrible job of investing in the areas that people need most - health, education, safety, transportation and public infrastructure.

But young people saw this truth, and they rose up and spoke out!! I created this print because I was so proud to see students in my hometown of Oakland, California demand the proper protection to make sure that kids were better protected from the virus. Oakland students demanded that the school district provide KN95 masks for every student, outdoor eating structures at every school, and weekly or twice-weekly COVID testing on every campus. I was also inspired to see kids in New York City walk out and demand more from their districts.

Students and teachers deserve to be safe. Teaching the next generation is a critical role and I hope we can transition to a future where teachers are more adequately paid and EVERY student is set up to thrive.

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