Tu Lucha Es Mi Lucha

Social Justice Posters
24 x 18 inches

This piece reads "Tu Lucha es Mi Lucha," which translates to "Your Struggle is My Struggle." On the left is a farmer reaching out toward the planet, which is symbolized by a seed. The woman on the right is singing and sharing her truth. The two figures at the top are looking to the future. I placed the plant inside the seed as a metaphor of our ecosystem, to show how all forms of life are dependent on each other. This piece was originally designed for the United States Social Forum in 2010.

The design for this piece was heavily influenced by the Cuban posters created through The Organization in Solidarity with the People of Africa, Asia, and Latin America (OSPAAAL). OSPAAAL was established following the Tricontinental Conference held in Havana in January 1966. OSPAAAL was formed to promote "solidarity with the Third World people's struggles, claims and most precious desires." They supported African struggles against colonialism and apartheid and produced many posters related to Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Cuba, the United States and Puerto Rico. I was deeply inspired by these posters in their bold but limited and color palettes and their simple approach to representing figures.

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