Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Linoblock Print on French Paper
18 x 12 inches

This screenprint is about friendship, love and camaraderie. COVID-19 revealed how truly interconnected and interdependent we are as human beings and the importance of having emotional bonds across our support networks. Over the last few years, I have been healing from womb trauma that I believe is generational trauma. Much of my healing process has happened from being in community with women of color who are knowledge keepers and culture keepers around how to heal our bodies. I’ve been working on listening more to my uterus and my vulva to hear what it might need. This print celebrated the healing journey I was on in 2020 as I moved into right relationship with my body and I learned to listen to it more. That also meant learning to rest, replenish, and clear out the energy that sat in my gut, my heart, and my womb.

My healing will continue throughout my life. As I reclaim my body and develop a new relationship with it, I’m doing so in community with others who are also healing from their past. For half of my life, I was silent about my body trauma, yet now I understand that I did not have a healthy relationship to sex. I used it to numb myself instead of to learn about myself. This was largely due to lacking sex education and growing up in an migrant culture that was very sex negative. My ancestors have been so violated and in some ways, they shut down their sexual energies. So I’m on a journey to fully reclaim pleasure and enjoy this body of mine.

Over the last six years, through therapy, somatic coaching, movement, sexual healing, psychedelics, exercise and transitioning to plant based, I've been healing my relationship to my vulva, my uterus and my gut. Some of these body parts are rarely talked about in our culture, they are either deemed ugly or hypersexual. So I’ve unlearned these messages and instead am moving towards my new shape. This new piece honors the healing that we do in community.

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