We Win

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Screenprint on French Paper
16 x 16 inches

I created this piece after Biden & Harris won the presidential election in 2020. This piece was about celebrating our collective power to WIN. While the 2020 recent presidential election absorbed much of our focus, it's critical to remember that there were tremendous local and state wins that were generated by the brilliance of our movements. From criminal justice reform to legalization policies to the rejection of anti abortion policies to the election of progressive women of color, transgender and queer people - we saw great wins!

We are witnessing what happens when we organize and leverage our cultural and political power. In many ways, these wins are a product of BIPOC-women-led organizing. I honor the work of Black Lives Matter, of indigenous water and land protectors at Standing Rock and other extraction sites, and of climate justice youth organizing.

The words WE WIN were about the present and our future, not just about celebrating the past. It was about recognizing that we win when we practice collective power. As the progressive left, we don't always savour our wins because we still have a long road ahead of us. But it was important for me to create a piece that gave people permission to feel the joy in our bodies and our imaginations.