When We Fight We Win

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
One Color Screenprint on French Paper
18 x 12 inches

My very last election art print is here! Election season is now, vote early and tell your friends and family to vote early too! Voting is one way to build power. By voting early, we can ensure that all votes will be counted. Trump knows he is losing this election so he wants to pick and choose who can vote and how votes will be counted. He hopes that by sowing chaos and stoking fear, it will stop us from voting at all. But we have power and we count on us. And folks are already turning out in record numbers!

This is the first election in which I have made so much art. In total I made 5 limited edition prints about this critical election. This final print is inspired by the title of a book that I am in with many other artists, “When We Fight, We Win!” by Greg Jobin-Leeds and AgitArte.