Defend Your Planet Postcard Set

This piece is titled “Defend Your Home. Defend Your City. Defend Your Planet.” The image shows a woman of color with her child, standing with dignity in front of her home.

We only have one home in the entire galaxy, and it’s earth. I created this piece to encourage people to see and treat earth in the same way they view their home, to fight for earth, and to defend her from the corporate evil doers who are destroying her.

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I completed this piece at the Reddit offices over the weekend. It’s titled, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.” The wall measures 11 x 11 ft. The piece consists of monotype and linoleum block printed on Japanese paper. The wall was painted with acrylic and house paint. This piece depicts three women - an artist, a technologist, and a media maker - collaborating with each other to address the global inequality facing girls and women today. They are fearless, unapologetic, and unstoppable - and they can only succeed when they work in unison. 


The Pussy Power Imaginary, my newest project, seeks to redefine the pussy as a source of empowerment, a reclamation of agency, and a vehicle to promote self-love while deepening the relationship between women and their own bodies. Recognizing that not all women have pussies, and that every single one can define ourselves beyond the genitalia we are born with, I am attempting to create a space for people to explore the ways in which sex and sexuality is kept in the darkness, while rape culture is normalized and reproductive rights are eroded.

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KQED Visits My Studio

“In this episode of Art School, we visit Favianna in her West Oakland studio and talk with her about the genesis of her artistic interests and philosophy. Favianna also demonstrates two professional printmaking techniques, monotypes and linoleum block printing, that are central to her work.”

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