Abundance & Scarcity AP 2/3

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Monotype Collage & Linoleum Block Printed Chine Collé
15 x 15.5 inches

This print series reflected a period of personal growth and transformation. As I reflected on my father's passing in June 2016, I imagined the artist that I wanted to be and how I could evolve my artistic decision to embrace more experimentation. I love the process of innovation to disrupt my usual stylistic approaches.

This print series marked the first time I incorporated relief printing into my monotype collages. I began the creative process by monotyping sheets of paper to create my color palette. The sheets were then cut down, and their shards became incorporated into each collage. As I’m often working on various social justice art commissions, I remix images from those projects, tweak them, rearrange them, and destroy them until something new is born. I find new approaches to my visual language by experimenting with compositions, shapes, and color combinations. The figure in the series is derived from an art piece I created to honor and celebrate mothers in prison.

The title, "Abundance and Scarcity," is about a question I ask myself daily. Do I view my life as having abundance, or scarcity? What happens when I change my frame of reference?

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