Ancestral Futurism (2022)
Alumigraphic Decals on Cement
Presidio Tunnel Tops National Park, San Francisco, CA
Completed July 2022
Ancestral Futurism is a temporary art installation in the Presidio Tunnel Tops National Park that honors the diversity and interconnectedness of all humans, land, flora and fauna that have lived in this ecosystem throughout the centuries. The multi-site art installation depicts a vision for an interconnected future that begins with examining the colonial and repressive history of the Presidio. Commissioned by the Partnership for the Presidio, an important goal of the artwork is to spur conversations and ideas about how the Presidio can be repositioned as a place of welcome, inclusion for all people and communities. The concepts for the art was developed in consultation with the Presidio Activators Council, Native American leaders, and tri-agency park staff.
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Markham Elementary Mural (2022)
Paint on Asphalt
Markham Elementary School, Oakland, CA
Completed March 2022
Favianna partnered with Project Backboard, the Trust for Public Land and the Golden State Warriors to renovate a basketball court at Markham Elementary School in East Oakland. California. Markham was the only elementary school in Oakland without a playground, but all that changed in 2022. This project removed 21,000 square feet of asphalt to install a playground and greener workspace for the students at the school. Markham was 1 of 5 schoolyards that was transformed into a green living schoolyard that cools hot asphalt and absorbs rainwater, thus improving the local watershed. In addition to Favianna's mural, 84 trees were added to provide shade, as well as an outdoor classroom space, a turf play field, and a garden.
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A Celebration of Interspecies Friendships (2021)
San Francisco Animal Control Center, San Francisco, CA
Mixed Media on Marine Grade Plywood, Acrylic Interior Paint, Glass
Collection of the City and County of San Francisco
This art work celebrates the diversity, beauty, and dignity of all animals and the rich symbolism that animals have in different cultures. I was inspired by the stories of staff members and volunteers of the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Center who care for the various animal species. My objective was to give each animal its own individual personality. My aesthetic in this piece is playful and colorful, and designed to speak to the imagination of all ages and to show the joy of interspecies friendships. As a dog owner and animal rights advocate, I believe that all creatures deserve dignity, respect, and an opportunity for a peaceful life. This artwork allowed me to create fantastical worlds where animals could joyfully co-exist with humans. Click here for a full list of collaborators.
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Santuario (2020)
Garfield Public Pool, San Francisco, CA
Ceramic frit on glass
Collection of the City and County of San Francisco
In Favianna's first major public art project, she celebrates the historical presence of Latinx families in San Francisco’s Mission District. The three character panels depict a mother with her baby, two children swimming, and a paletero (ice cream vendor), each representing a unique group of users to Garfield Square–families, children and the elderly. The overall intention is to encourage the whole community to enjoy the natatorium and surrounding park as safe spaces. This glass mural was fabricated by Pulp Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
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