This section features a selection of articles, hands-on art activities, instructional videos, reports, and publications created by or in collaboration with Favianna Rodriguez. These materials may be reproduced or shared for educational or non-commercial purposes.

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This PDF features fine art works and social justice posters by Favianna and can be used for educational purposes.
Favianna Rodriguez: Artwork Slides for Educational Purposes
A slideshow of Favianna's art for educators
This 4 minute video here walks you through all the steps on how to make your own social justice poster.
How to Make Your Own Social Justice Poster
A Hands on Art Activity
Contains images for Favianna's social justice poster workshop. Visit the video page to see the full workshop!
Social Justice Poster Elements to PRINT
A printable file for a hands-on activity
Free printable posters created by Favianna Rodriguez
Free Palestine Downloads
Free Downloadable Posters
I created this piece to honor and celebrate neurodiversity as a part of WE RISE 2021 and LACMA’s poster project.
Neurodiversity Downloadable Poster
A Free Downloadable Poster
A coloring activity to honor those who have lost their lives to anti-Black police violence.
Day of the Dead BLM Papel Picado
A hands-on art activity
This workshop walks artists through an illustrated guide about narrative change in the time of COVID-19
No Going Back: A COVID-19 Cultural Strategy Activation Guide for Artists and Activists" Webinar
The Center for Cultural Power
Here I share 3 tips on how to create a social justice poster. This is a great activity for kids and people of all ages.
Video: How to Make a Social Justice Poster
A hands-on art activity
Print Favianna’s iconic image on 11” x 17” cardstock paper, color in the image, and add word to make your own poster.
Make Your Own "Migration is Beautiful" Poster
A coloring activity
Favianna demonstrates two printmaking techniques that are central to her practice: linoleum block and monotype.
Linocuts + Monotypes with Favianna
A hands-on art activity
Favianna Rodriguez and Julio Salgado of CultureStrike show you how to cut stencils for your next activist event.
How to Make Stencil Posters
A hands-on art activity
Download these coloring activities and have a family or community conversation about defunding the police.
#DefundThePolice Coloring Pages
A hands-on art activity
Engaging workshops designed for communities to address anti-Blackness and build a strong foundation of racial justice.
Racial Justice Art & Story Sessions
An art and story based activity guide for understanding Racial Justice
Favianna Rodriguez and Julio Salgado of CultureStrike show you how to create your own pair of butterfly wings.
How To Make Your Own Butterfly Wings
A hands-on art activity
This guide provides images and instructions for art works about racial justice and immigrant rights.
Until We Are All Free Art Kit
An art kit to create social justice banners, stencils and protest signs
This guide has excellent guidelines for all creative sectors around how to include trans people in media and culture.
TRANSform Hollywood
A guide to creating trans-inclusive culture
This placemat is designed to educate kids about eating. It can be printed out and used as a placemat coloring activity.
Fruits & Veggies Coloring Activity for Kids
A collaboration with
This must-read guide discusses the power of art and culture in building a more equitable world, by The Culture Group.
Making Waves
A Guide to Cultural Strategy
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