Activism Right There. twLF

Social Justice Posters
24 x 18 inches

I designed this poster to celebrate my participation in the 1999 third world Liberation Front (twLF). The third world Liberation Front (twLF) was revived in 1999 at U.C. Berkeley with a multiracial coalition of students organizing a hunger strike to push for more money for ethnic studies programs following a budget cut that resulted in the cutting of many Ethnic Studies courses.

I participated in the twLF student movement together with other young people of color at UC Berkeley and helped demand resources for ethnic studies. Our actions included a hunger strike, a takeover of the Campanile, and occupations of various buildings. I was one of the lead artist designers for this organizing effort and my work was plastered all over campus. TWLF was a significant moment in my life that politicized me and helped me understand the power of young people.

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