An Invitation EV 2/10

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Monotype Collage & Linoleum Block Printed Chine Collé
24 x 30 inches

In this varied edition series, three people are building relationships with each other and collaborating to transform their future. Each person is holding an individual piece of a puzzle. Each figure is focused on a separate, yet complimentary pathway towards a shared goal. This series is derived from a social justice art poster that was commissioned by Amnesty International in 2016.

In the edition, I reworked the original composition and experimented by adding playful and intuitive layers of colors, shapes, and textures that disrupt and recreate the flow of the piece. It was an opportunity for me to move from a formal and direct style of communication towards a more interpretive and expansive language. Each piece in the edition is both a destruction and a reimagination of it's original composition. I reorganized, ripped, dissected, and dramatically recomposed the figures in the piece, as a metaphor for challenging our own assumptions about what constitutes as “social justice art.”

The various layers of collaged monotypes are metaphors for lightness, darkness and complexity, and how we as humans can experience all of the emotions along that spectrum.

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