Change Stories. Transform Culture. End Inequality.

Digital Fine Art Print
20 x 16 inches

This piece is about building collective power through love, dignity, and community. The figure in the piece is touching their heart which is a source of power, and this is creating ripples of change. Inside of the figure’s imagination is a person who is sharing their story. As the person speaks, the seeds of the change are planted.

The image represents the way in which people build power by transforming the culture around them. This work was commissioned by the General Service Foundation (GSF) in honor of one of their deceased leaders, Lani Shaw. Lani worked for over 20 years at the GSF, serving as Executive Director for more than a decade. She was a leader in social change philanthropy, a student of social movements and an unyielding supporter of groups led by people of color. As an ongoing tribute to Lani’s life and work, GSF makes an annual award to support campaigns and exceptional leadership that resonate with Lani’s intersecting social justice passions. This work is included as part of the award, which aims to shine a spotlight on emergent, risk-taking movement work that has yet to get the recognition it deserves.

By changing the stories and the culture around us, we can change society.

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