Dalia the Healer 2

Collage with Linoleum Block, and Monoprint Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
30 x 22.5 inches

This print is a part of a small series of collages that celebrates the individuals in my life who support my mental and emotional healing. Dalia is the name of the primary character in a new film project that I started working on in 2021, based on my life story. I have found that in writing a fictional story about my life, I am able to heal some of my generational trauma.

This art piece is an interpretation of who I imagined Dalia to be in her many manifestations and personalities. It's also an ode to the women in my life who have supported my healing in creating this series. To compose these characters, I was able to use a new body of patterns that I had developed in 2021 and 2022. It was a really great exercise for me to see how the patterns and textures fit together to create a beautiful palette. It was also lovely to see how my color palette has evolved from 2020 - 2022, amidst the era of the pandemic as I drastically cut my travel and spent a lot more time in my studio.

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