Deepening The Relationship to the Sacred 1

Collage on Cotton Rag Paper
15 x 11.25 inches

This print series celebrates my deep love and relationship to the natural world and all that is alive. In caring for my plants, my animals and all the species that exist on the little piece of land that I live on, I've been working on repairing my relationship to nature. This comes after spending most of my life in a concrete jungle and being deprived of the opportunity to be surrounded with green spaces in my childhood.

We all deserve to be connected to nature and to not be forced to live surrounded by concrete, without trees and green spaces. To be surrounded by cement is not natural, it’s a consequence of our capitalist infrastructure and urban design meant to confine BIPOC people to “hoods.”

I've also been literally breaking through the cement to reclaim the soil, to allow for the soil to breathe and to support new life. This is a practice that has transformed me. I feel more embodied and more deeply committed to doing more to protect the planet and to protect ALL of life, including our animal relatives and the forests and the oceans.

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