Exit Plan 3

Monotype Collage on Archival Rives Paper
30 x 22 inches

I conceived this series of monotype collages when I was devising a plan to leave an emotionally abusive relationship/friendship of four years. The arrangement of the shapes represents my own process of moving very slowly but with intention, while not knowing if things would implode. My domestic situation was so bad that some days, I would feel scared to come home. For much of 2018, the art that I would create was a form of escape and a place to contemplate my future. While I was creating this series of works, I was imagining my exit strategy, which I finally carried out in November 2018. Despite the hardship that I faced, I tapped into my own resilience and self love to pull myself out of this hardship. I’m grateful for my artistic practice, as it empowers me to share my stories and to speak openly about my lived experiences.

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