Favi Land II

collage with monotype elements on wood panel
12 x 12 x 1 inches

This piece is one in a series of small and large landscape collages that are derived from my imagination. This body of work depicts the imaginary cities and environments that I would love to live in. When I was growing up, my mother was a travel agent during the pre-internet era. As a kid, I was able to go to many different parts of the world and interact with different cultures. So much of what I remember are many different styles of buildings, whether it was the sculptures of Gaudi in Barcelona or the bright, colorful buildings in Mexico City that celebrated the palette of Frida Kahlo, or the picturesque landscapes of Japan. All of this imagery remains in my imagination and inspired me to create my own fantastical cities. I have always wanted to live surrounded by beauty and safety, particularly because I grew up in East Oakland in a cement city during a challenging era. My community was first impacted by the crack epidemic and the war on drugs, and then it was massively displaced by gentrification. The wealth gap in my city makes it very hard for me to live in a quiet place surrounded by nature. Someday in my future, I would love to live away from the flat lands, among by trees and other creatures.

One of these Faviscapes is a homage to the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Throughout my travels last year, I drove for the first time through the mountains of Colorado and Utah, and was just blown away by the natural beauty of the landscapes.