Favi's Flowers 2

Collage with Monoprint and Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
22.5 x 15 inches

I absolutely love flowers. Flowers are really appealing to me because they remind me of pollination and juicy nectar, and their bold colors elicit all types of joyful and pleasurable feelings! As a gardener, I used to mostly focus on cacti, succulents and growing food. Then I started learning about how important it is to have flowers in my garden to attract pollinators. From 2021-2022, I started to fall in love with growing marigolds, roses, ranunculus, dahlias and other flower species that I could cut and put into my home.

I love flowers because they are a colorful species that carry both seeds and nectar that pollinators are attracted to. I try to live my life mimicking flowers. I believe I’m a flower myself. The flower is the main reproductive part of the plant, where the seed is carried. That's why I'm an artist. Through my creativity, I spread the seeds of liberation that will flower into something transformative, beautiful and powerful. I have nectar that I want to share with many others. It's a nectar that my ancestors blessed me with. I love flowers because I am a flower too.

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