Femmes of the Earth 5

Collage with Screenprint and Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
14.86 x 11.13 inches

I created this series in honor of International Women's Month 2023. In this collection, I explore the profound interconnectedness between women, the earth, and the ongoing struggle for justice. The same system that exploits the earth exploits our wombs and our bodies. To defend nature is to defend ourselves and to protect the web of life.

Throughout history, womb carriers have played a vital role as guardians of the earth, fiercely protecting the delicate balance of trees, forests, oceans, soil, and all living beings. These artworks pay homage to our feminine connection to the vibrant tapestry of life itself. Being a womb carrier goes beyond the act of giving birth; it signifies our innate capacity to nurture, love, and safeguard future generations of humans and the diverse creatures that inhabit our planet.

In this series, I sought to capture the untamed essence of the femme figure, their wild nature intricately intertwined with the elements of the earth. The hair on these characters is represented as lush grass or majestic mountains, representing the profound wisdom and enduring strength found in the natural world. Drawing inspiration from my ancestral lineage as an Andean, I celebrate the vibrant colors and sacred symbols of Indigenous cultures across these lands, united in the shared struggle to protect Mother Earth.

These artworks serve as a reminder of the infinite power within each womb carrier, an embodiment of our vital role in nurturing life and defending the interconnected web that sustains us all.

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