Monotype Collage on Hanji Paper
47.5 x 36 inches

The galaxy is vast, enormous, and full of possibility. We as human beings are living on a living planet that is circling the stars, held in place by a force called gravity. We are deeply connected to a world much larger than ourselves, and our bodies are literally made of stars. When I imagine the expansive galaxy in which I exist as a human, I feel connected to something larger than myself and I am able to take myself less seriously - to feel at ease. When I create collages in my art studio, I am manifesting the visions in my imagination into forms and objects. Every color, every texture, every position of every shape is a reflection of my vast imagination and all of its accumulated lived experiences.

This piece was created from shapes that were cut from my monotype designs, each arranged into a unique composition. The process began with the printing of the full monotype sheets in a range of colors. The sheets were then cut down into stylized parts and collaged onto Hanji paper. Many of my print editions in 2015, including this one, were inspired by Henri Matisse’s cut outs. Upon stumbling into an exhibit of his work in New York, I was deeply moved by his approach to creating color sheets and cutting them into unique compositions.

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