How to be Alone 6

Collage on Cotton Rag Paper
15 x 11.15 inches

This series of prints explores the gift of solitude. Solitude gets a bad rap because we live in a culture that doesn't value alone time and that demands that individuals be highly connected at all times, because in that way we can be better consumers. To spend time alone is to go inward and listen to my inner voice and my body.

I believe that opportunities to self reflect and to contemplate life in solitude are important for those of us who are able to do that. Solitude allows me to delve into myself, to heal my wounds and to make sense of my personal growth. It also allows me to submerge myself in my work and my creative practice. For many years, I was punished and criticized for wanting to have solitude. But now I embrace it, and I’m learning how to be alone and generate my own joy, and be selective about how I spend my time and with whom

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