Interconnected Gray

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Collage and Linoleum Block on Cotton Rag Paper
15 x 11 inches

This print was one of the first editions I created during the pandemic. As the Coronavirus began to cause extreme hardship for people around the world, it also revealed how deeply interconnected we are to each other and to our planet. As an artist, I recognized that the pandemic presented an opportunity to write a new story. When I shared this work on my social media, I wrote, “As a global society, we are going through a massive collective cultural shift, experiencing a transformation of the mind and body. Through our many experiences of being at home, our shared hardship and loss, we are shifting our perspective and questioning the narratives of the past. As citizens of the world, we are collectively understanding just how truly devastating our current economic system is. We are facing the consequences of putting profits over people and the planet. While we are physically apart, but remain connected through Mother Earth. Mutual aid and mutual support is how we will get through this crisis.”