Intersectionality I AP 1/4

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Monotype Collage printed Chine Colle with Aquatint Etching on Gray Rives Archival Paper
17 x 15 inches

This edition was a continuation of an aquatint etching series that began in 2017 with the series titled, Freedom. I learned about color and tone through these experimental editions that were part of a larger body of prototypes designed to evolve my mark making. Shapes were cut from monotypes and are overlaid upon each other, to form a language of interconnectedness.

This series depicts abstract interpretations of intersectional feminism. Throughout 2018, I sat in meeting after meeting discussing the power and importance of equity and intersectionality, which is a term created by Kimberle Crenshaw over 28 years ago. In this art series, I use symbols to portray the beauty and power of working across identities towards shared power building.

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