Intersectionality II EV 7/12

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Monotype Collage printed Chine Colle with Aquatint Etching on Archival Paper
17 x 15 inches

This edition was a continuation of the aquatint etching series, Intersectionality I. My goal in this series was to better understand the relationship between pink and blue tones. I refined my approach to color through these experimental editions that were part of a larger body of etching prototypes designed to evolve my mark making. Shapes were cut from monotypes and are overlaid upon each other, to understand how each color would react with another layer to form a new color.

This series depicts abstract interpretations of intersectional feminism. Throughout 2018, I sat in dozens of gatherings discussing the power and importance of equity and intersectionality, which is a term created by Kimberle Crenshaw over 28 years ago. In this art series, I use symbols to portray the beauty and power of working across identities towards collective power building.

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