Keep the Flow

Monoprint Collage on Hanji Paper
11.5 x 35.5 inches

This collage is part of a body of work conceived in 2018 during a 5-week artist residency at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in Captiva, Florida. In this collage, I was moving away from my traditional format and attempting to create a visual story that moves from left to right. A snake like creature is crawling through the soil with her memories and experiences. She moves slowly but with intention and power.

The Rauschenberg art residency was the most productive and artistically regenerative time I had experienced in my life. The picturesque tropical beach landscapes in Captiva truly expanded my imagination and gifted me with the time and space to get lost in my own images and ideas. The environment allowed me to feel relaxed and to forget the urgency of city life, and to delve deep into my creativity. During this time of isolation, I realized how much I value my solitude and my ability to make art. Bob’s spirit was present throughout the compound, and it was an honor to partake in the kingdom he had built for himself. The natural environment - everything from the leaves on the trees, to the ocean waves, to the many different kinds of wildlife on Captiva, - inspired me to take my artistic practice to another level.