Collage with Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
15 x 11.25 inches

Mano means hand in Spanish. I have a profound appreciation for my hands because they are the tools that empower me every single day. With my hands, I create delicious meals, I bring my artistic visions to life, and I nurture life itself through my beloved garden. With my hands I am able to communicate through tools of technology, and write my deepest desires onto the page.

In the Spring of 2023, my dear mother suffered a wrist injury as she got lost in the beauty of her blooming roses. As I supported her through her healing, my eyes became more open to the incredible capabilities of our hands and how much we rely on them.

In this collage, I've captured a hand reaching out towards a vibrant flower in my garden, gracefully plucking it to be displayed in a charming vase. I love picking the flowers that I have helped bring to life.

This work honors the intimate connection between nature and our hands, reminding us to cherish and honor the wonders that surround us and to keep our hands open for the possibilities that love may bring.

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