Mariposa 2018 EV 8/10

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Monotype and Linoleum Block Collage on Hanji Paper
14 x 17 inches

This limited edition monotype collage is a remixing of my classic "Migration is Beautiful" series.

We belong to nature, and nature has no borders. The butterfly represents the beauty of migration. The butterfly is a symbol for the right of all living beings to move freely. Like the butterfly, human beings cross borders in search of safer habitats. Like the butterfly, human beings cross borders in order to survive. In this figure, each wing shows a human profile. The phrase, "Migration is Beautiful," celebrates the resiliency, courage, and determination of migrants who come in search of their dreams.

I originally launched the “Migration is Beautiful” campaign in 2012 at the Democratic National Convention in collaboration with the UndocuBus. At the time, former President Obama was deporting over 1100 immigrants a day. Since then, this symbol has become a popular symbol of the global immigrant rights movement.

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