Collage with Linoleum Block and Screenprint Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
14.88 x 11.13 inches

This new collage series blends textures and words common in my vocabulary this season. Each time I create a new body of work, I always have elements and fragments that linger behind. I don't like to discard my art pieces because so much effort and labor goes into creating every single pattern. Each element is so pretty that I refuse to throw it away. On the contrary, I like to reuse and reimagine the elements in new creative configurations.

Therefore a fun game I play with myself is to re-organize and remix the orphaned fragments from different artistic collections and see what emerges.

I had a handful of letters leftover from an earlier series that I did in the Spring and I decided to combine these with some of the more organic shapes that were present in my Summer collection when I worked on pieces celebrating the Bay Area ecosystems.

I was reflecting on the feelings that I experienced over the Summer and some of the words that emerged included NUDE and MORE, as well as the word AND, because this year I have been very expansive in my thinking as opposed to thinking in binaries. I integrated these words into the collages and a beautiful tapestry emerged.

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