Moving Into The Golden Hour

Collage with Linoleum Block and Screenprint Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
23.75 x 22.38 inches

I find deep solace and inspiration within my studio. It's a realm where creativity knows no bounds. A special time of the day that holds my heart is the golden hour. As the sun casts its warm glow through the tall windows, I am captivated by the transformative dance of colors on the elements scattered across my work tables.

This moment signals the onset of evening—an invitation to embrace my solo time and delve into my artistic endeavors.

Within this artwork, you'll witness a tapestry of patterns crafted over three years. Each scrap of paper holds significance, and I'm committed to utilizing these precious materials in an intentional manner. I breathe new life into remnants, weaving them into compositions and imbuing them with meaning.

As I work, my hands become conduits of creativity, delicately arranging fragments, giving them purpose. The art that emerges is a testament to the connection between myself, my materials, and evocative narratives within each piece.

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