Mujeres of the Great Conjunction 2

Collage with Acrylic Paint Elemets on Wood Panel
12 x 12 inches

This wood panel collage is part of a 2021 series that celebrated the beginning of a new era, represented by a planetary alignment known as “The 2020 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.” The conjunction event marked the moment in which two planets were the closest since 1623 and the closest observable since 1226. The closeness won't be repeated until March 15, 2080.

The closing of 2020 was a time to celebrate the leadership and power of women of color who had helped sustain our communities through a pandemic and through a harsh administration. When I created these works, I wanted to reflect on women’s labor and the work of caretaking. My goal was to celebrate BIPOC women who were impacted by the pandemic, who cared for their families, elders and children at a time when our government was providing very little support.

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