No Estas Sola

Social Justice Posters
Digital Print
16 x 12 inches

I originally developed this piece for the Caravan for Peace in 2012, which was the name of a group of families and victims from the drug war in Mexico who traveled across the United States to share their stories and suffering. Their intent was to promote peace with justice and dignity on both sides of the border. I joined them in El Paso, Mexico, in 2012, where I witnessed one of the most powerful acts of collective power. One by one, people would share their trauma and grieve together - among them were victims of violence and torture, children whose parents had been kidnapped, mothers whose sons and daughters had gone missing, women who had spent years and years searching for their loved ones...

In their wails and cries, they would exclaim "No Estas Sola!" or "No Estas Solo!" (Translated: You Are Not Alone) Their collective suffering was their greatest source of power, and the fuel that helped drive them city by city.

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