Nuestro Labor Mantiene La Economia del Mundo

Social Justice Posters
Digital Art
18 x 12 inches

This piece was originally developed for an international gathering of immigrant rights advocates that took place in Mexico City in 2008. The piece reads in English, "Our Labor Maintains the World Economy," and reflects the huge economic power of immigrants that is demonstrated in worldwide remittances.

Migrant workers -- the lifeline for millions of families in Latin American and the Caribbean -- sent home a record $69.2 billion in 2008. In 2019, more than 10 years later, remittances sent from migrants reached $714 billion. At the time when this piece was created, Latin America was a region with the largest and fastest growing remittance flow. After oil, for example, remittances are Mexico's second-biggest source of hard currency.

It is with love and money that immigrants are transforming their homelands.

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