Plant Based Healing I

Monotype Collage on Wood Panel with Mixed Media
12 x 12 x 1.5 inches

This series of monotype collages depicts my personal transformation through my relationship to plants. Throughout 2019, plants played a critical in my healing and my mental health, particularly as I was learning to set better boundaries and invest energy into loving myself. In an instagram post describing this body of work I explained, “I cultivate plants in the same way that I cultivate my ideas and my goals. I am persistent and disciplined, and I nourish them with attention. Plants are a reciprocal species, they reflect back to you the energy that is invested. It is through plants that I am able to connect to nature’s wisdom. They serve as a metaphor for my own evolution.”

Each collage depicts a plant that I care for in my home. I have over 300 green family members in my home and each of them had a unique story. These collages show the wondrous and fantastical personality of each plant.