Plant Room Study 2

Monoprint, screenprint and photo transfer collage on cotton rag paper
22.5 x 15 inches

This plant study series portrays plants in rooms that are derived from my imagination. My actual home is a sanctuary for over 200 indoor plants. Over most of 2019, I connected with plants as a way to heal myself and provide nurturing to another species. Each piece celebrates the deep wisdom and extravagant beauty that is alive within each plant. In each of the studies, the plant takes on its own characteristics.

As a woman of color, I was raised to be a caretaker and look after men. That meant I over extended myself and put the needs of others before my own, and I was often celebrated for that. But in my adulthood, as I awaken to my full power, I am shedding old practices and instead focusing my energy to take care of other species, including plants, trees and the soil itself. I no longer feel responsible for “rescuing” other people, I focus on my own growth and my personal development. Plants allow me to connect to nature's intelligence and they bring me joy, especially when they flower. In some instances, plants also allow me to enter another dimension of consciousness to understand my place in the universe.

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