Plantitas At Casa Favi 4

Collage with Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
30 x 22.5 inches

This print is one in the collection, “Plantitas en Casa Favi,” a body of work that depicts different areas of my home where my plant babies live. I have over 100 indoor plants that I care for, and in each room in my home I've created particular themes and layouts for each family of plants. Plants are a big inspiration both in my life and in my art, and I arrange them in the same way that I would arrange a work of art. I am very intentional in selecting the pots that I put my plants in, and sometimes I even will paint the pots certain colors to match the energy and aesthetic of the room.

My home is also full of my artwork, and so it's common to see lots of color poking through the leafy plants. Over the last three years that I've lived alone, I've been very intentional about creating a home that feels like a queendom and that reflects the person I am today. The home that I currently live in today is the home that I grew up in. It’s a home full of memories and it's also the place where my father and grandmother died.

After my papa passed away in 2016, it took me a few years to make the house my own and to let go of some of his things, and replace it with things that I liked. It was challenging because a lot of the furniture and elements in the home had lots of sentimental value. But as I released some of the old, I welcomed the new. My “home-making” has been a part of how I’ve gained my full independence and created the home of my dreams. I rarely feel lonely because my plants and furry creatures keep me company.

This series is about the bright colors and design of each plant room in my house. The works also include flowers because throughout my house, I try to have fresh cut flowers from my garden.

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