Plantitas en La Sala

Collage on Wood Panel

This collage on wood is a still life of my living room. During 2019 and 2020, I was using my own home as a point of inspiration as I was recovering from a toxic relationship that had ended in late 2018. For two years following my separation, I spent a lot of time reorganizing my home so that it became a refuge and safe place for me. This living room is in the home where I grew up and where I continue to live today. I also was dealing with the grief of a deceased parent. After my father died in 2016, it took me a few years to shift some of the energy in the house that remained from my childhood.

All around I was dealing with resetting the vibe in my space, and plants became a way for me to reclaim my environment. This particular scene is one of the brightest rooms in my home, where I really enjoy laying down on my blue couch with my beloved dog, Chewbacca. This piece celebrates my joy and shows how I combine relief printing with collage and hand drawn elements.

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