Plantscape 1

Collage with Linoleum Block and Monoprint Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
15 x 11.25 inches

This print is part of a collection of collages that celebrate my relationship to plants in my home. In 2018, I underwent a major life transition that fundamentally changed me, and I began caring for plants in a very intentional way. I slowly began to adopt many varieties of plants in my home and understand their needs for care and lighting. In doing so, I explored a relationship to the natural world that is possible in urban environments.

Besides my houseplants, I grow a lot of plants and vegetables and fruits in my garden and it's definitely a different kind of relationship to have things grow directly in the soil versus in pots. And at the same time, the reality of me living in an urban environment means that I really want to find ways to have life in my home. By having plants, I surround myself with relatives with positive regenerative energy. Therefore I don't feel alone in my home. I feel connected to other life through the over 300 plants that I have plus my two canines.

Through these artworks, I am celebrating the powerful role of plants in my life and how they have transformed me. This series is an evolution of all the plant collages I started doing in 2019. I love the combination of how the patterns and elements that I've been working with for the past two years show up in these collages. It's also a reflection of me not wanting to waste materials because each of these elements is precious and has so many hours to create.

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