Pleasure is Power I

Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
3-color Screenprint on French paper
12.5 x 9.5 inches

This new limited edition print is about celebrating sexual freedom, sexual play, and masturbation. I believe that it’s important and transformative to FEEL your body, to understand what turns you on, and to communicate those things to partners. As an artist activist that works towards gender justice, I am glad that we are finally at a time where we believe survivors and are working to confront the epidemic that is sexual assault. And, we also must have a pathway forward towards a liberation that begins with our bodies. We must cultivate a culture of YES around sex and bodily pleasure, not just NO. This is why I'm committed to openly discussing and exploring sex, orgasm, sex toys, and non-monogamous relationships throught my art and activism. The author and cultural worker, adrienne maree brown, refers to this work as “Pleasure Activism.” Through my art and my own sensual masturbation practice, I am building new habits of loving myself, and that manifests through my artistic practice. This 3-color limited edition screenprint features sex toys, sensual shapes, and hand gestures that can activate pleasure.

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