Power I 2023

Collage with Linoleum Block and Screenprint Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
22.5 x 15 inches

Throughout 2023, my artistic practice was deeply inspired by the vibrant ecosystems of the Bay Area, where I call home. It became a year of immersion in the ecological tapestry of this region, inspiring me to create art pieces that paid homage to its natural wonders, specifically focusing on the majestic Redwoods and the wetlands of the South Bay.

As is normal for me, I often have to divide my focus between my art projects and my political activism. During this time, I found myself not only delving into the avian world, learning about magnificent creatures like the American Avocet, Marsh Wren, and the Long Billed Curlew, but also collaborating with organizations dedicated to power-building and mobilizing philanthropists to support transformative justice initiatives.

I was commissioned by the Asian Women’s Giving Circle to create art around the themes of POWER and VOICE. As I delved into the lives of these birds, I marveled at their singing styles, their protective instincts, and the care they took in constructing their nests. These birds became a metaphor, a symbol of the raw POWER that exists in the natural world. I chose to depict this power through gentle, colorful depictions of leaves and branches.

The synergy between the concept of VOICE and the image of these singing birds resonated deeply with me. It was a harmony I couldn't resist. I infused these works with my signature shapes, adding my unique artistic aesthetic.

In this series, I marry two of my core artistic practices: the use of text to convey bold social and political messages, and the incorporation of vibrant natural elements as a form of biomimicry. The works are a visual celebration of the awe-inspiring beauty of the Bay Area's ecosystems, intertwined with the urgency of the causes I am involved in.