Power 2020

Collage on Cotton Rag Paper
30 x 22.5 inches

This piece is one in a series of three collages: Power. Equity. Repair. These three works represent the core pillars of a vision for Gender Justice. Our society is in the midst of a cultural shift, as survivors are sharing their stories through the #MeToo movement and cracking open conversations about gender. Survivors are courageously taking aim at the structures that normalize abuse and oppression, particularly towards woman and transgender people. As artists and cultural workers, we have the ability to visualize the YES of Gender Justice.

While many of us know what we are against - sexual abuse and gender-based violence - we must also provide alternatives to those behaviors by focusing on the YES. Our culture urgently needs new images, stories and practices to counter ingrained social behavioral patterns and systems. We must build POWER to challenge the domination of cis hetero white males. We must work toward EQUITY to ensure that all genders have the ability to thrive, belong and be safe. And we need communal practices of REPAIR to support those who have been harmed by gender violence, and hold accountable those who have inflicted the harm.

These works were originally created for the 2020 For Freedoms Congress which brought together a network of artists, organizations, institutions, and change-makers to supercharge civic engagement for the 2020 election.

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