Saturdays at Home with My Plants III

Monoprint collage on birch panel
30 x 24 x 1 inches

I am a plant lover and caretaker, and plants are fully present in my artistic expression. Plants are a critical connection to nature for me, and a reflection of my own well being. Plants require a reciprocal relationship, they return to you the energy that you put in plus more. If you give them water, expose them to light, and remove the parasites, they thrive. They give you beauty and clean air. I started intentionally caring for plants after I ended an abusive relationship in 2018. Before that, I generally enjoyed plants but I did not pay attention to the nuances of their care. Now I know so much more. I know how to understand their foliage, how to differentiate the kind of bugs they get, and I am able to read their signs. I observe them and give them attention. Energy follows attention.

Plants have been critical to my healing and my mental health. I cultivate plants in the same way that I cultivate my ideas and my goals. I am persistent and disciplined, and I nourish them and pick off the parasitic stuff. They are a reciprocal species, they reflect back to you the energy that you invest. Through plants that I can connect to nature’s wisdom.

This series marked the first time that I made large scale portraits dedicated to my plants and their power. Using the same general matrix, I experimented with color, shape and background to express their unique personality. I especially love the To-Do List in each piece, which was my usual routine on the weekends.

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