Hand Printed Multiples & Editions
Linoleum Block on Japanese Paper
29 x 27 inches

I created this print as a reminder to myself to do less and simplify my life. In 2011, I had a very fast paced career and was traveling almost on a weekly basis. This lifestyle would only become more intense for me over the rest of the decade, and much of my artworks would reflect my desire to do less, to rest and to confront my own workaholism.

When I created this piece, I wrote, “While it is important for me to be productive, it’s equally important for me to get rest so that I can be healthy, and thus more creative. The phrase ‘kill my to do list’ is almost like a joke I tell myself, because I meticulously keep lists of all my tasks - lists that are quite unrealistic.”

This linoleum block was hand-printed by Master Printer, Emmanuel Montoya, in Berkeley, CA.

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