Small Scale Farmers Can Cool the Planet

Social Justice Posters
Digital art piece reproduced in magazine, t-shirt, poster, and other products
14.6 x 12 inches

Climate chaos, food justice and environmental justice are issues that I deeply care about. The increased use of chemical fertilizers on crop lands and methane emissions from cows are top contributors to climate change. Small-scale farmers can cool the planet as they feed the world. I strongly believe that we must create a just economy that respects our environment and treats all people with dignity. This requires conscious production consumption. Small-scale regenerative organic farming uses widely available and inexpensive methods. If we switched all agricultural practices to follow this model, greenhouse gas emissions that propel climate change could be significantly reduced and we could sequester 100% of current carbon dioxide emissions. To do this, we need to stand with small farmers and achieve a critical mass conscious eaters. We have power when we exercise a choice of eating from small producers.

In this piece, farmers are opening their hands releasing seeds and those seeds are turning into water. They are creating abundance for all people while caring for the land. The piece was commissioned by Fair World Project.

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