Snake Plant

4-color Serigraph on Mr. French Paper
20 x 13 inches

This screenprint celebrates my deep love and connection to indoor plants. I had created these works a few months after I had made some significant decisions about my life and ended a number of toxic, parasitic relationships that were having a harsh impact on me. I had embarked on a journey of healing from and releasing old patterns, embracing new ways of being in my mind and body. My wish was to call in friendships and relationships that were generative, equitable and reciprocal. In order to manifest this, I had to first do this with my plants. I had to put my focus on new life, and nourish what was already around me, including myself.

As I began to pay more attention to my plants and care for them with focus, they thrived! They demonstrated to me what true reciprocity could look like. As new life showed up in my plants in the form of new leaves or flowers, that became a reflection of my own personal growth. Plants reminded me that new life is always possible.

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