Study for Redwood Biome 3

Collage with Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
15 x 22.25 inches

In 2023 I had the honor of creating art about the amazing species that are the Redwood trees! These remarkable beings, found only in select corners of our world, captured my artistic imagination. Nestled in the Bay Area - the place I call home - the Coastal Redwoods stand tall, an embodiment of awe. Rising to heights exceeding 300 feet, they reign as the tallest arboreal giants on our planet!

One inspiring aspect of the redwood trees is that they have no taproots. Instead, they create a harmonious network of support, interlacing their roots in a web of interconnectedness. Vertically, their roots stretch a modest 10 to 13 feet, but horizontally they sprawl for 60 to 80 feet, weaving an intricate tapestry of stability and unity.

Many intricate ecosystems live in a single Redwood tree. A single tree itself can be habitat for an incredible number of species. When redwoods shed their foliage, much of it accumulates in the branches and decomposes to become soil where other species of plant seeds and fungi spores can sprout.

Creating these works about the Redwoods was a really exciting creative process for me! I was able to integrate stencils and shapes inspired by the flora and fauna that live among the Redwoods, thus creating a new visual language for this series. I also created a new library of textures and color combinations that reflect the biodiversity of the Redwood region

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