We Stand for the RIghts of Mother Earth

Monotype, Paper Cut-Outs, Serigraph, Aerosol &Vinyl on wood panel
24 x 40 inches

This piece is one of a sixteen collages on wood that were developed for a show at Morono Kiang Gallery in Los Angeles titled, Edifice Cache. The concept of Edifice Cache was based on the idea of Exquisite Corpse whereby a work of art is created through the collaboration of a group of artists who sequentially add their work to components of, in this case, a single installation. Mike Russek, an L.A. based artist and designer, provided the foundation of the exhibit in the form of an evolving installation. Over the course of four weeks, myself along with other artists, Augustine Kofie, John Carr, and Yuri Shimojo, proceeded to create our own ,works which were integrated into Russek's original creation.

Creating sixteen works under one week’s time was one of the most intense artistic production moments in my life. I was working day and night, and it was a demanding experience on my body and soul. But the long hours alone helped me narrow into the essence of my practice. This body of work was a testament to my own love towards myself, and symbolizes how I was building confidence with my collaging practice. These collages incorporate vinyl stickers, monotype scraps, paper cutouts, and house paint. The figures in these works celebrated my indigenous and African roots.

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