Favianna's Jungle 7

Collage with Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper
22.5 x 15 inches

This series of prints is about the hundreds of indoor plant babies that I care for. During the pandemic, I developed a very intimate relationship with the plants, crops, cactuses and flowers that live in my garden and in my home, and expanded my green family. I love being a caretaker of plants because it teaches me about reciprocity. My garden reflects my own internal ecosystem. When I nurture my environment so that life can thrive, that energy is mirrored in my own body. In 2021, I started growing more flowers, and thus attracting more pollinators. In the summer months, I harvested flowers everyday and put them around my home. I really love plants and flowers for the peace, joy, and beauty that they bring.

This collection blends my various patterns and shapes with my hand printed flowers. These works are an evolution from my “Self Care Bouquets,” which are smaller in size. Each of these prints are meticulously created. Most elements have to be drawn, printed, cut, then layered, glued, and flattened in a special dryer. This collection powerfully captures the unique individuality of the plants and flowers in their beautiful pots and vases.

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